David Breakspear was only ten years old when he was first arrested. Within a few years, they excluded him from education and took his first step on the school to prison pipeline.

In 2015, he decided he had enough of prison and the life that always led him to return. A complete change of attitude and David turned his life around. He attributes his success to the education he received in prison after he took every educational opportunity available to him.

In this, TEDx talk David explains why education makes the impossible, possible.

Since his release, David has been working with a diverse range of organisations to inform, influence and inspire by sharing his extensive lived experience.

You can find out more by reading David’s blog.

You can also find David on Instagram @whatcanbe2.

David has his own channel on YouTube and his own podcast on the

Anchor podcast platform.

David is supported by Kelly, known as “The Missus’ or Keef.

If you have questions, or you would like more information on how we can help you. Please get in touch.

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In or Out?

The image, ‘Create Escape’, is, of course, the artwork created by Banksy which appeared on a wall at the former prison where Oscar Wilde served his time, HMP Reading. I am sure Banksy’s artwork depicts someone escaping from prison. However, I also see it from another perspective. I see the escape as escaping society and … Continue reading In or Out?

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