Hello, I’m David Breakspear and I’m an ex-Prisoner. 

I’m sharing my journey to inform, inspire and influence those with an interest in the Criminal Justice System, by demonstrating what can be.

I was first introduced to the Criminal Justice System when arrested at the age of ten. Punishment clearly wasn’t a deterrent for me as I followed the path of so many Prisoners, past, present and sadly, future.

Like myself, being excluded from school is often the first step on the road to prison.

From Children’s Home to Detention Centre to Young Offenders’ Institutes where the ‘Short, Sharp, Shock’ model of reforming prisoners did nothing to encourage my rehabilitation. I finally progressed to big man’s jail, where I stayed trapped in the vicious cycle for the next four decades.

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I was released from prison on the 9th of June 2017. I had purposely returned to prison to turn my life around and get back everyone I had lost, including myself.

My first priority was building a stronger, closer relationship with my children. I have a  daughter Kirsty, mum to my two gorgeous granddaughters Ella and Megan. I am also fortunate to have my two sons, Taylor and Reece.

I am more than pleased to say that I have achieved my goal and my relationship with them has never been stronger.

But, have I turned my life around?

These are just some of my accomplishments in the two and a half years since my release.

TEDx Speaker                                                   Conference Speaker

Radio and podcasts                                         Published Author

Mafia Historian                                                Writer

I am currently studying for BA (Hons) Degree in Criminology and Psychological Studies with The Open University. 

I can hold my head up high and say with great pride,

Yes, I have really turned my life around.

 I  hope you enjoy my blog and look forward to reading your comments.

If you have any questions or would like more information, let me know.