I am very fortunate in that my circle of friends are an amazing bunch, and have also provided me with love and support when I’ve most needed it. I received a number of letters from friends throughout my time in prison, I’m sure you guys are unaware of how important letters are to someone in prison, even now they have phones and the e-mail a prisoner service getting a letter gives you a lift like nothing else, so to all those that did write, even just the one letter, I thank you from my heart, your letters were a godsend. I can’t mention the above without saying a massive and special thank you to one person, well family really, Kelly, Rich and Vinny, you guys are just precious to me and I cherish our friendship like no other. If anyone is in the unfortunate position of having a loved one or friend in prison, letters are important to them, even if you just rabbit on about the weather, they are a real connection to the outside world, so grab a pen and drop them a line, it will mean the world to them.

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