There are a few people to whom I owe my thanks. Along this journey of change I had the support of some amazing people, my children first and foremost, not only have they given me support but also believed in me after hearing it all before, which made me feel extremely humble. I have to thank a number of staff at HMP Norwich; Miss Norman, Mr Roberts, Mrs Stopper, Mr Potter, Mr Coleman and Miss Green for their support and belief in me. All the civilian kitchen and waste management staff. The whole of the education department, especially the curriculum manager Debs, awesome lady, plus Richard, Kay, Gemma and Lisa, and the management of the prison for listening to me and understanding the path I was on, even though I had a, let’s just say little blip, they still believed and supported me. Last, but not least, my precious circle of friends who should know who they are.

Thank you everyone, this blogging is dedicated to you all, because its the support and belief you have given me which is why I am, and will continue to be, a success.

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