Mental Health

Over the years I have been diagnosed, though now days I prefer labelled, with a variety of disorders. Anti-social personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, manic depressive (I don’t like the term bi-polar as it represents only two levels (bi) yet it is so much more than that) and ADHD. The crazy (no pun intended) thing about it, is that, the only support I’ve been offered has always been the medication route, and boy have I been on some medication, but all the medication does is paper over the cracks and holds you in a state of purgatory. You have to deal with the underlying issues.

After a meeting with a health professional in HMP Norwich, who told me how poisonous some of the meds I was on were, I decided that there had to be another way I could approach it. It was then that I stumbled on Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP). Now!!, this is not an advert for NLP, it’s about my experience of it. It teaches you how to manipulate your own thought pattern, how to actually lock thoughts away or switch them off completely. As I was becoming more experienced, at using the techniques of NLP, I started to wean myself off of my medication, in prison, not an easy feat. Funny story time: the guys on my landing, M-wing in HMP Norwich, when I finally came off all my meds, put in a signed petition to get me back on meds because I was such a nightmare for about four weeks. Coming off of my meds was one of the best things I ever did, it didn’t happen overnight nor was it easy at first, but oh yeah! it was worth it.

If you suffer from mental health issues, do not be fobbed off with tablets, they also provide a fake image, you think everything is OK within yourself, you stop taking meds, next thing you know you’re running up the road with a pair of trousers on your head. There are always other options available to us, so do yourself a favour and research what’s out there, just because NLP worked for me doesn’t mean to say it’s for everyone.


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