Yet to be written!! (thanks Grace)


Onwards and upwards though, I am giving myself this weekend to wallow in whatever self pitying bullshit I can possibly muster, then tomorrow the battle shall commence once again.

Above is the last paragraph I wrote in my previous blog Silent fight, The day battle commenced was Monday 20th, two days ago. It is incredible what a change of mindset actually produces, of course I have no chance of proving that things still would have happened were I still in a negative frame of mind, however, I can’t disprove it wasn’t due to my positive attitude. On the Monday I had a wonderful conversation with the professor of literature, creative writing and drama at the University of East Anglia in regards to my upcoming invitation to be guest speaker at a seminar at the university on the 28th of this month.

Then on Tuesday I had a fantastic conversation with someone in respect of setting my own company, called DRB support, and creating my own mobile phone network. We are also hoping, in January, to be providing six prisoners, being released from prison, a smart phone and a prepaid sim card, the sim card will be free of charge for six months, this will give them unlimited calls and texts along with 5GB data. I am hoping it will keep them connected and stop them reoffending, there is a lot more to it but those are the basics. DRB support has been one of my goals and it now has a real future rather than being on paper.

Then today, wow what an incredible day. I had a meeting with a headmaster (John). John is head of a school for kids with behavioural issues, and I have to say on what I saw today, that they John and his staff do an amazing job. I have created a workshop that I am hoping will put kids off of going down the wrong way. It’s as if today was always going to happen at some stage if I kept pushing. I now have an opportunity to be the influence that inspires kids to take the right path in life, or even be prepared for the wrong path if that is what they choose but I am sure it won’t come to that. I am so excited at this opportunity. I have never forgotten my life at that age, nor have I forgotten what it’s like to be a child, something I feel a lot of adults are guilty of.

You never know when life can turn, it’s being ready for the opportunity that leads to achieving it.

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