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The rights of the prisoner to a ‘fresh start’ after a custodial sentence weighed against the rights of potential or actual victims to protection, dignity and safety, and the rights of the wider public to be protected from harmful prisoners upon release. The general principle is that public and victim protection should outweigh offender and prisoner rights, and  that this is justified on the basis of the ‘significant risk’ of serious harm posed. (Public Protection Manual, Risk of Harm, Version 4.0 January 2009, Ministry of Justice).

Charlie has never:

  • Raped anyone
  • Killed anyone
  • Molested anyone
  • Been a threat to the public

Charlie’s crimes have been on the inside in retaliation to the harsh treatment he has received.

He is not a risk to the public!!!

On the back of writing Justice!!! I received; private messages and emails from concerned readers about what they can do to help or assist, in any way, with the free Charles Salvador campaign. This has prompted me to highlight another unfair issue that is surrounding, not only Charlie, but one that is also affecting his lovely new bride Paula. I shall provide more details of how you can become involved and support this fight for justice. Regardless of what you may think you know about Charlie, there are three undeniable facts which nobody can twist.

He is a SON, he is a HUSBAND and he is a FATHER.

It’s been long enough now.

Forty four years and counting!!

I’d like you to just take a moment and pause to take a close look at this next pic:


This picture is one of the first cages constructed at HMP Wakefield.

There was two of them, both have now been condemned as cells and are now being used as storerooms.

Charlie Salvador has spoken often of his time in one of those squalid cells and described it as horrific.

It is time to free Charles Salvador!!

So!, what can you do in order to redress some balance for Charlie and Paula.

Below are two ways you can support this righteous campaign.

My friends the prison is on a go slow at the moment so we wish to give them something to do, so I am asking you to write to the governor of Wakefield prison, in a polite and courteous manner, to ask him these three questions only please.

  1. Why did he go back on the arrangements of Charlie’s wedding, agreed by handshake?
  2. Why can’t Paula and Charlie’s mum have the wedding photos as promised?
  3. Why is Charlie on live calls when he has done nothing wrong?

Please get your friends to write and also to share.

The address is:

Dave Harding
Governing Governor
HMP Wakefield
5 Love Lane
West Yorkshire

Another way to support the campaign is to purchase official Charles Salvador merchandise for which I have included links to Ebay where you can find these and other excellent official merchandise.






A copy of Charlie’s new book. A limited edition A.B.C colouring book, 52 (A4) pages. Complete with box of 12 non-toxic crayons. Order yours today from Ebay. Click here.







A copy of Charlie’s new book, “Art Attack”. A limited 220 page edition of A4 art and photos plus comments from the artist that is Charles Salvador. Order yours from Ebay now. Click here.



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