Paisans across the Pond!!!


First of all I would like to apologise to those that follow my blog for the length of time I have taken to write again, there is a good reason for this, and, as is my life, one that will make for good reading and has a good moral……………..

The featured image is the logo for the National Crime Syndicate – The National Crime was established in 2013, and started off as a knowledge base consisting of a few articles… but in recent years the NCS has grown in presence. Now, the NCS has nearly 100,000 fans across social media from all over the world, and has been a resource for the likes of the New York TimesThe Washington PostForbesThe Chicago Tribune, and Lifehacker. Along with its rapid growth came the need for more admins to help with everything from blog posts, to research and development. With the sole aim to be the main information portal for Mafia related subjects; from quizzes, bio’s, videos, historical timelines, interviews and a host of other trivia and detailed topics. The NCS quickly expanded throughout 2015 and 2016 taking on admins in the UK and across Europe, as well as teaming up with influential writers who specialize in certain areas of mob history. In early 2018 the NCS also had the pleasure of taking over the running of another high-profile page, Classic Gangster Society, after its owners and friend of ours stepped into retirement. I am more than pleased to announce that I am now a regular contributor as an editor for the NCS, with two pieces already published. The first in a series that is titled “The Cradle of Cosa Nostra” and also The Top 10 Mob Boss Mansions.

Of course I didn’t just wake up one day and from nowhere bosh!! I’m writing for the NCS. So!, this is the story of how I ended up writing for them.

On Facebook I co run a few large groups, one of which I mainly run with my good friend Lesley Hughes, the group is called Global Mafia Social Club, which is where we discuss; mobsters, gangsters and the Mafia from around the globe and have some knowledgeable members that also share their experiences. I had decided that we needed to change our cover picture, so, I searched Google for free Mafia images and the picture below came up.


After a few days of using this pic, I had received a message from a guy in America by the name Rob Bailot Jr., he explained to me that he had been using the picture for a while, not only that, he received permission from the artist who sent Rob a version without a watermark on it, which is how it ended up on Google. The story was plausible and without a second thought I apologised and informed Rob that I will then change the cover pic straight away, we had a further brief conversation. The next day I received a message from Rob, offering me a picture due to it being unfortunate I chose the one above and because of the way I had dealt with things the previous day. Suffice to say that Rob and I have built up a good friendship, Rob asked me to assist with his group Omerta Social Club there are also plans for the future but that’s for the future. Rob is also a colleague of mine at the NCS. This is how Omerta’s cover pic looks.


Since becoming friends with Rob he has introduced me to others with whom I have also become friends with, one of whom, who is not only also a colleague at the NCS, but also an author in his own right, Alan Gunner Lindbloom. Alan had sent me a digital copy of a series he has been uploading to the NCS site, this series is called The Lindbloom Chronicles and charts Alan’s life as he makes his way through a life that included being a Mafia family enforcer and 13 years in the big house, before turning his life around and becoming the man he is now. It was reading The Lindbloom Chronicles that not only motivated me to change how I was writing my blog but also inspired me to send in a sample piece to the NCS and the rest, as they say, is history. Alan is fast becoming the next Mario Puzo, actually no, Alan is carving his own name out in the field of literature and it will be no surprise to me if Alan’s “TO BE A KING” series sees Alan carve his name out on the big screen as well. Don’t just take my word for it, look at the one of the latest reviews on Amazon about Alan and “TO BE A KING” 


I personally feel that the morals in this story, of this man only 11 and a half months out of prison, are plain to see. As usual it is not for me to tell you what to think. So once again I shall leave you to decide on whatever message you take from not only this story, but also Alan’s The Lindbloom Chronicles. Though you would be mad not to read Alan’s books.

In closing I would just like to say a massive thank you to all my colleagues at the NCS and love and respect to Rob and Alan for their continued support and motivation, I am fully aware that without these two guys I would not have this latest opportunity.

Thanks my Paisans from across the Pond!!!


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