Bad move lady!!

Alan and Maria Lindbloom.

Two people that in a very short time have come to mean a lot to me and my life. The reasons for this are private. However, I can share that Alan is kind of like a mentor to me in a lot of aspects as well as a close friend. Now, I’d like to think I was loyal to my friends, some might say fiercely. Before I go on I’d like to share a link to Alan’s ‘To be a King ‘ novels, trust me you’ll thank me.

The main reason for my writing this particular blog is an unfortunate one. Unfortunate!! That is for one Sophie Castan Zammit, or as I like to call her Miss.Pell., Sophie is in control, ahem, of ‘Zorba Productions’ and ‘ Auto Rehab’.

Before I continue if you get to read this blog Sophie, feel free to sue me for slander as I call you a con artist, a scammer, a fraudster, a cheat, a liar, a thief and last but not least life wrecker. I would say bitch bit I’m bigger than that.

Now, I’m sure I can say that as a friend of the family, my views may be considered as biased and on Alan and Maria’s side regardless. Fair comment, I’d say. So, what I will do is share a link to the website that contains all the irrefutable proof you need and therefore will not need to take my word. Maria Lindbloom has gone to a lot of trouble putting the website together and has done a fantastic job of basically giving this Sophie Zammi nowhere to hide. It’s not being done out of spite and only a click on the link at the bottom will show you the full picture.

I have, however, showed you some screenshots of what is contained on the website to show you what a devious, manipulating, scum bag this Sophie Castan Zammit is.

Again Sophie feel free to sue me for defamation or slander anytime you wish.

I should let people know that Maria, Alan’s amazing wife, gave up her career and $100,000 a year sales executive position to put her time and effort into this project.

This Zammit woman has to be stopped. She, metaphorically, knocked on the wrong door this time. Feel free to share and here’s the link.

Click here for the Full Story.

5 thoughts on “Bad move lady!!

  1. Thank you so much for this write-up! We need to expose this woman. Come to conclude that she’s a sociopath of some sort. No one can screw with two hard-working, honest, God-fearing people like us and not feel a single shred of remorse or regret… unless they’re truly mentally ill. My husband and I will be fine — she’s definitely not stopping our path to success. But we need to put that out there so that she doesn’t con or scam anyone else from here on out.


  2. I know of Sophie very well in Australia. She has been doing this for many years. She has never had money and will only ever get money through scamming people. She is in a lot of debt over in Australia and just about every utility company is chasing her for money. Please do not trust this person one bit. Tony Tan, Charles and I can’t remember her Nigerian friend that she is apparently god mother to their child. They have all been around the whole time. These name and people are fake. If you actually look up Charles you will only find someone that past away years ago. Sophie/Rachael Zammit is a scammer I honestly hope her kids and foster kids (only for the money sadly) do not turn out like her.


  3. Why do people like this thing exist…recently through social media channels I have met another one similar.


  4. Sophie Anastasia zammit, tony tan (Bold dorj), harry camaron, charles, they are international scam group. Dont trust them


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