American Indian Wars

I have decided to share some of my poetry work that I created whilst in prison, well, I will if this one goes down well. ; ) I have also included a link to the audio version I created on SoundCloud. Hope you like it.

American-Indian Wars


David Breakspear


Audio on SoundCloud


The destruction of the red man was the American Dream,

The white chief of Washington willed to reign supreme.

Distorting societies view; they pillaged, murdered and stole,

In lands where the Buffalo were encouraged to stroll.


Virginia it started, in sixteen twenty two.

They massacred tribes from Powhatan, Creek, Arapaho and finally Sioux.

Chief Seattle orated, emotively, in eighteen fifty four

His people once covered this land, like the waves

Of a wind ruffled sea covers its shell-paved floor.


Impulsive are the youth: faces as their hearts, Revengeful and black,

Hatred so deep  –  too far gone  –  for the elders unable to hold them back.

To the young revenge is righteous with plenty to gain,

Lives laid down in hope, but nothing will stop white man’s illegal reign.


Every part of soil is sacred, every valley –  plain –  grove and hill-side,

Let the white man regret over King George and his genocide.

We may be brothers after all, we shall see,

Tribe follows tribe, nation follows nation like the waves of a sea

It is the order of nature. OUR DESTINY.




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