Inside fantasy!

I wrote this poem in January 2017, in the education block at HMP Norwich, during a creative writing course I was enrolled on. The course was facilitated by Dr. Jacob Huntley from the English Lit. department of the University of East Anglia. Jake would bring in 4/5 students different students with him each time. I’m glad to say that Jake and I remained friends. I have worked with Jake, after my release, on two further occasions. One was at last years ‘War of Words’ facilitated by the Norwich Radical. For whom, I am now a regular contributor, within the perspectives section of this excellent online journal. I’ll share a link at the end of the poem to the audio of Jake and me speaking at the event.

Link to my Norwich Radical Page 

Inside Fantasy


David Breakspear

The chocolate boxed view of the house by the stream

with rod and line dangling, waiting for the unsuspecting Bream______or Trout.

Today is spontaneous, the sun warming my air of expectation.

Hours pass in this idyllic setting, as do days.

Now months have gone by.

As I turn the nakedness of autumn exposes itself to me,

the aroma of mulch takes my hand as the early setting sun turns to dusk.

Fields Barren of life, SAVE!! my own.

I shiver as the air turns white, a laced table cloth over the land appears,

my breath, my breath becomes smoke signals for those inside.

Dress well, I exhale.

Then soon in the distance, colours begin to dance in the rebirth of spring,

a choir of animals orchestrating a new beginning.

My time will soon come.

January 2017



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