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On March 31st this year (sounds better than a few days ago) I made my debut as a writer/contributor to an excellent website, owned and managed by someone that has become a close friend, Jim.

crime belongs in fiction and History

Jim, is bringing together, in one place, definitive information from the city of London which has some incredible crime history. A history that is full of real life escapades, robberies, murders and other stories of criminal intent. However, just as with the other website I write for, National Crime Syndicate where we have the aim of being the main information portal for all Mafia related subjects, our intention is not to glamourise crime. We take a totally unbiased view of London’s crime history, historic places and provide links to sites full of information & history. We also show you some great places to visit that you may or may not have heard of!

Set yourself up for some amazing days out in London. You can check out the places to visit first to ensure you plan your day well in advance. Visiting London doesn’t have to be all about the popular tourism stuff and tourist attractions, and you can spend considerable time doing alternative tourist attractions and other terrific things to do on your visit. We make no judgement, although! I can personally recommend no better than:



We provide links to websites of interest along with an A to Z, plus books or DVD’s of relevance. We leave it for you to decide on the guilt, or the innocence! of any of the cases on our site. ( You may not be aware of some of the stories. So, if old London criminal history is something that intrigues and fascinates you? You may even want to research stories/crime history. Either way,  you will find plenty of links to news articles, websites of interest, YouTube videos, books and DVD’s, plus much more to satisfy the enquiring mind.

Meet The Team


From a small glint of an idea, to a rapidly expanding story!

We are a team of individuals from various backgrounds with a common interest.

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I am also pleased to add, that Jim, londoncrime.co.uk, the other contributors and myself, all support a fantastic charity and initiative in the important #DropTheKnife campaign. The charity is:

KOfficial Foundation Logo

I have extracted the following from their website, which can be found at https://kofficialdotcom.com/the-kofficial-foundation/

Welcome to The KOfficial Foundation

Our Aim

For years the UK and numerous other countries has had to deal with austerity measures brought in by governments which inevitably has been passed onto local councils and authorities. This has meant a decrease in public funding for the youth of today. In essence this has created a lack of public services to enable children to reach their full potential and resulted in gang warfare, knife crime and gun crime at an ever evolving rate thus destroying communities at the core. Our aim is to revive and help set up programs within the local communities and help gyms to enable these youngsters to come off the streets to learn discipline, self-defence and nutrition. To be part of a family, teach them respect and hopefully make a change and inevitably produce future generations of world champions.

Together we can make this possible.

From the drop-down menu on my home page, you can access my articles that I have contributed to the National Crime Syndicate. In time I will also provide the same for the articles I write for Jim and the wonderful team we have at London Crime. I will, however, include links at the end of this blog.

The first subject I wrote about for Londoncrime.co.uk, was about an old school villain, named Arthur Harding – my second subject will be just as interesting – regular readers of my blog will know that I am actively involved in campaigning for better conditions in our prisons, along with better opportunities and well-funded support agencies to help individual’s rehabilitation journey – rehabilitation is a long-term process and not a destination –  and these opportunities and agencies are equally available, in, and out, of our prisons.

Arthur Harding started writing his autobiography (I almost put his own autobiography, hahaha), coincidentally in the year I was born, 1969. I was taken aback by how close Harding was to being the Nostradamus, of not only the East-End but, also, of our penal system, some fifty years (gulp) later. This is a slideshow of the preface page from Arthur’s book titled, ‘My Apprenticeship to Crime’ as featured in my piece for London crime. Link to the full article here>  Arthur Harding/London Crime. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See what you think for yourselves. I find what Arthur says about our prison system extremely prophetic.

LondonCrimeLondon Crime

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