Positive Perceptions

In my previous blog, Change the record to challenge the perception!!, I talked about changing the narrative, from a negative stance to one of looking at things in a better light. Therefore, I am so grateful to Dr. Lewis Owens for the opportunity to share positive and inspiring stories from around the UK. Stories, from parts of society, where success is not measured by pounds and pence, but sometimes, where something as simple as awaking the next day is a step forward.

The image, which is from Lewis’ personal collection with the words added by myself, is of the esteemed Saint Martin of Tours (c. 316 – 397 A.D). Here is a short YouTube presentation about the life of St. Martin.

Between Friday March 23 – Sunday April 1, 2018, in aid of the Prisoners’ Education Trust, Lewis took part in the St Martin’s Challenge. A challenge which was largely the result of Lewis’ interest in the history of his local parish church. After researching other churches dedicated to the same Saint, Lewis decided that it would be a great idea to try to link them together in some way, whilst raising money for a couple of causes that Saint Martin himself, a great champion of the poor and imprisoned, would have appreciated greatly: The Prisoners’ Education Trust, a charity supporting the rehabilitation and education of some of the poorest and most under-privileged prisoners, and The Myosotis Trust in Barlad, Eastern Romania.

Read more here about Lewis’ recent St Martin’s Challenge for The Prisoners’ Education Trust.

Lewis has added a section, which I will be managing, to the St Martin’s website, titled ‘Positive Perceptions’ (clink on link) The purpose of this platform is to share positive and inspiring stories from around the UK, including the good that can be found, consistently happening on a daily basis within our prisons by individuals from both sides. Not forgetting the wonderful support services like: Shannon Trust, One To One Maths, Samaritans, etc. and all those organisations and charities who pride themselves on the work they do with some of life’s most vulnerable citizens.

Feel free to share your positive stories with us either via my blog, through DM on Twitter or by e-mail to: journeyofareformedman@gmail.com.




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