I am so honoured to not only take part but be the first interviewee. Loved it.

Pret A Manger Survivor

My first interviewee, who is very courageous to be interviewed by a newcomer in doing interviews (!), is David Breakspear.

I met David on Twitter not long ago while I was doing one of my “drive-by” Tweets about Pret that I tend to do. I do these Tweets where I post to someone who responds to a Pret related post, in this case it was about Pret employing former prisoners, not knowing David at the time. I comment on Pret related Tweets and then move on, as I always try to reach as many people as I can, not being a newspaper that could reach the masses. I am basically going from “door to door” like a politician who’s running for office. But what I am “running” for is sharing my and others’ story with Pret.

From the get go he was super supportive and gives me a lot of…

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