Why my message is clear! – #WhatCanBe

My hobby, and other passion, as an organised crime historian, began whilst I was still a child, many years ago. It was a passion that became a dream which became a goal. Because of the power and beauty of the education I received as a resident in many of our majesty’s detention centres, youth custody centres and prisons, I have achieved that goal, as I will explain.

To be sitting here with evidence is surreal on one hand yet expected on the other of not only why I use and believe in the hashtag ‘#WhatCanBe’ but of also why I bang on about the importance of education. Especially how imperative it is to have excellent education provision in our prisons. Having made that remark, with a figure of 88% of children in custody being excluded from school at some point, a figure that is 42% across the adult prison estate, it is the education system out here that should be at the top of any prison reform campaigners to-do list. In fact, the education system out here, as recent reports suggest, is something that should be a concern for us all. This is a positive blog though, so I’ll move swiftly on.

In the Spring of this year, whilst scrolling through LinkedIn, a certain post caught my eye. It was a post from author Mitzi Szereto. You can read more about Mitzi on her personal website by clicking on this link – https://mitziszereto.com/ – The post was a call out to writers to submit a maximum 7,000 word true-crime story for a third book in a trilogy, so far, of ‘The Best New True Crime Stories:’ and it is with so much pride that I can confirm my story about a true-crime which took place in London in 1980 by two men with monikers such as ‘The Brain’ and ‘The Monk’ will be one story among a number by a mixture of authors included in the third of this excellent true-crime series. ‘The Best New True Crime Stories: Well-Mannered Crooks, Rogues & Criminals’ which is out next year, June 15, 2021. In time for the perfect book to unwind with whilst relaxing in the sun’s warmth. You can pre-order your copy NOW!!

The two previous published books in the series so far are:

And the second in the series is:

Another couple of messages I’ve been promoting among a variety is that education can make the impossible possible, along with rehabilitation being an attitude. Well, I changed my attitude by utilising the resources I knew were available to me as a prisoner and I reformed my character, I’m still me but a better version of me and it was the power of education that enabled me to change my attitude, to life and everything else belonging to the belief system of the person I once was. Giving back, for me, has never been a choice it was a must.

My advice for anyone can be no better summed up than by my featured image and the following two quotes:

Day one or one day?

Don’t count the days, make the days count.

Muhammad Ali

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