Breakspear Breaks Into Europe

For the past three years, David has taken every opportunity to speak publicly about the importance of education in prison. Podcasts, radio shows, AGM’s, conferences, schools, pupil referral units, universities and every conceivable platform all over the UK. Not only within the criminal justice system, but to the wider audience of the general public and the education sector.




About six months ago, Dr Lesley Crane PhD from the SkillsHUB project contacted David to discuss his views and experience of education in prison.

“The SkillHUBS project aims to develop a transnational counselling and training model for inmates and to elaborate recommendations for the introduction of the model into national prison education systems across Europe.

The introduction of the “SkillHUBS” model into EU prison education systems will represent a significant improvement of EU prison education as it will provide more efficient tools for skills assessment among inmates, address actual offenders’ educational needs and provide tailor-made learning opportunities for each individual inmate.”

A number of phone calls, Zoom meetings and emails followed and within a few weeks, Dr Crane asked David to deliver the keynote speech at the final day of their European Conference.

The whoop whoops from

Breakspear Towers

could be heard in the next village!

Testimony to how far he has come, and the reputation he has established, within the criminal justice system, as a public speaker on education in prison. To be asked to speak at such a high level to hundreds of thousands of people involved in prison education, across Europe! Wow! Just Wow!

To be asked is achievement enough, but just look at the review he received in their media release. Of course, they loved him!

“Education makes the impossible possible” says David Breakspear, ex-prisoner and active prison reform campaigner. At the SkillHUBS final conference David shared his story about the revolving door of the criminal justice system. During his journey he discovered the power of education and how learning opportunities can be life-changing for inmates.

Breakspear’s keynote inspired an enriching discussion, including an elaboration on the challenges that you can experience while studying in prison and the importance of affordabable education for people from all backgrounds and strokes of life. The participants were also reminded on how education empowers people to make their own decisions through learning new skill sets and taking charge of their own lives. Having access to education therefore provides perspective and leads to a lower number of reoffending cases.

Here’s the SkillHubs final conference report. I’ve obviously put the best bits in this blog. But it really is an amazing project and I highly recommend that you read it. SkillHUBS policy recommendations and outputs of the project were presented at the final conference, held online on 6th October 2020.

Organised by European Association for Education of Adults in cooperation with the Learning and Work Institute and the International Corrections and Prisons Association.

Enough showing off from me. If you follow me on Twitter @hecallsmekeef you will know I show off a lot!

The boy done good

Education makes the impossible, possible

David is What Can Be

Best wishes

Keef x

One thought on “Breakspear Breaks Into Europe

  1. First, I do not blame David totally for any problems with the Brexit discussions! Second, you two not only fight for changes but actually make a huge difference in what you do! Third, I hope the UK does not miss out on this type of project after Brexit as it is clearly an important and successful scheme.
    Great piece, as always.


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