Christmas at Grendon.

by Terry Ellis.

Screws leaving Wanno at 6pm on Christmas Eve

To find out what happened next and during the rest of his time at Grendon, read Terry’s book.

But, did his Grendon experiment work?

Hell yeah! He even wrote a book about it!

Message from Keef:

“Ere Tel, you gonna give me drink for promoting your f!cking books?

You have to listen to Terry’s full story here.

4 thoughts on “Christmas at Grendon.

  1. What an incredible insight into this unique prison. I am stunned. There are so many of your blogs that make me want to find out more about the authors and their backgrounds but this one means I want to find out far more about this place as it seems remarkable.


    1. My aim was to have a representative cross-section of the prison community. I’ve covered loved ones, male ex- prisoners, female ex-prisoners, trans ex- prisoners, Vulnerable Prisoner Unit, Therapeutic Community, YOI, DC, Borstal, ex-prison officers, ex-prison staff, ex-Governing Governor, covering every decade since 1970 and from A Cat to D Cat. Not forgetting a current Prison Chaplain AND a serving prisoner!! I’m happy with that!!


      1. When you have sent your last blog you can sit back, pour a glass of something you really fancy, and know you have achieved all you set out to do and taught a lot of people so much about prison and not just at Christmas, made many smile, even more think and then you can both have a great satisfactory Christmas.

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