Christmas in Jail 2020

When your loved one is in prison it’s shit and Christmas is a million times more shit. It’s absolutely the shittiest time of the year.

I’ve been through Christmas with a loved one in jail, I know how shit it is and I want to help others make it less shit.

The best help and support I can give anyone with a loved one is to share the experiences of others to try and quench the unending thirst to find the answer to the all-consuming question:

I wanted every single loved one to know what Christmas is really like in jail and feel less alone knowing there are thousands of others are going through it right there beside them.

Welcome to a series of guest blogs written by people with experience of Christmas in Jail.

The original title of the series was ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ but that soon went out the window and it’s our pleasure to present to you:

The Countless Days of Christmas in Jail

Seventeen blogs, a vlog and a compilation of 28 contributions.

It’s Alright for Him. By Keef Breakspear, loved one of a former prisoner.

Routine Christmas. By David Breakspear former prisoner.

A Transgangsta Christmas. By Keef Breakspear loved one of a former prisoner.

This Side of the Wall. By Katie, the loved one of a prisoner.

In the Bleak Mid-Winter. By Raymond Smith, former prisoner.

Christmas Behind Bars by a mystery former prisoner

Penned Up at Christmas by Steve Newark, a former prisoner.

Lock, Stock and Listen by Jase Flemyng.

Goodwill to All by Neil Campbell, Prison Chaplain.

Christmas Down Under by Dr Lukas Carey, former prisoner.

I Spy at Christmas by Erwin James, former prisoner.

Bang To Writes by Mark Leech, former prisoner.

Two Half Chickens To Go by a mystery former prisoner.

Christmas Compilation by former staff, current staff, former prison officers, current prison officers, Governing Governor, former female prisoners and former male prisoners.

Christmas At Grendon. By Terry Ellis, former prisoner.

Christmas Most Wanted. By Ray Ray Bishop, former prisoner.

Christmas In The Boob. By Noel ‘Razor’ Smith, former prisoner.

Happy New Year. By Charles Salvador.

@Real Porridge A vlog by Neil Samworth, former prison officer.

It was more successful that I’d dared to imagine. The blogs didn’t go viral and the paparazzi didn’t hound me for another “Charlie Bronson Shocking Exclusive Story”.

Success came from the many messages I received from grateful loved ones, who found the blogs relatable, comforting and reassuring. The blogs started conversations on social media “OMG! That’s so me” and loved ones opened up about their own experiences in private groups. There were conversations about the realisation that their other half might have a great Christmas completely off his head!

Our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed, even those who posted a four-letter response. Your opinion still counts.

Can someone remind me in July about the 2021 Christmas in Jail extravaganza. Give me half a chance to be more organised.

Best wishes

David and Keef x

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