Living crime-free.

Thousands of us are all working for the same aim, with thousands of different approaches, angles, platforms, titles, labels and language. Regardless of who’s doing it, how they’re doing it, what they’re calling it and their motivation for doing it, we all have one common goal:

It’s time to shift the focus from the negative, what was and what is, and concentrate on What Can Be living crime-free.

That’s why in 2021 we’re on a mission to do exactly that by publishing guest contributions with a different theme every month. By working together, we can all benefit from the experience of a wide range of contributors with different perspectives and collectively reach a wider audience.

Let’s celebrate everyone who’s living the life that was once an impossible dream – crime-free, drug-free, alcohol-free and a place to call home.

Let’s celebrate the people who have a nine to five job, settled down with a partner and 2.5 kids, first drivers license, first passport or first trip abroad.

Let’s celebrate the authors, writers, sports stars, tv & movie stars. The sky’s the limit and we want to show off to the world.

It’s an opportunity for anyone who is now living crime-free or has helped others to live crime-free to share experience and success stories.

It’s so much more than blogging, it’s an opportunity for people who’ve been to prison to show off their creative writing, prison art, photos, vlogs, podcasts, book extracts, qualifications, certificates etc. In fact, anything and everything that will inform, influence and inspire others.

Please contribute as often as you want – once, weekly, monthly, every now and then or just when you have something to say.

Throughout January 2021 we’d like all contributors to introduce themselves and tell us who you are, a bit about your current life, your work, hobbies, family, pets etc.

If you’ve been to prison, we want to know how you ended up there – from childhood to first sentence. When and why did you to decide to live crime-free? What have you achieved by living crime-free?

If you’ve worked or you’re working with people in prison, or at risk of going to prison. Why did you choose this work? How have you helped others? Share success, best practice, and your own experience of what works.

If you’re interested in stopping children going to prison and stopping people returning to prison. Can you tell us what led to your interest?

Don’t forget to send us any links to your website, your books, social media and YouTube to show off your success.

Coming up in 2021

Please send your introduction to by 8th January 2021. The minimum word count is 500 with no maximum.

Thank you so much to everyone who shares our passion and gets involved. You don’t have to submit a contribution, you can contribute my sharing the blogs and raising awareness of What Can Be living crime-free.

With our best wishes for a positive, crime-free and successful 2021.


3 thoughts on “Living crime-free.

    1. Thanks Chris. There’s so many of us doing our bit and making a difference to the lives of others. Hope you’re living life to the full on the out!

      Liked by 1 person

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