Prison Community Excluded.

Over the past few days, it’s been a complete free-for-all for anyone to share their hatred of men quite openly on social media. It was completely acceptable to show hatred to one specific group in our society. How is that ok? Just put one of these words in front of #maleviolence #educateyoursons #takebackourstreets #curfew

  • BAME
  • Gay
  • Disabled
  • Muslim

The nation that prides itself on our multicultural society, tolerating differences and upholding our fabulous Equality Act. It’s illegal to discriminate, treat differently, show prejudice or unconscious bias to anyone with the eight protected characteristics.

Our prison community is excluded from society and the Equality Act doesn’t recognise us as a ‘protected characteristic’. Nobody bats an eye lid when trolls attack us. There is no sympathy or compassion for the prison community being openly attacked and called names. Nobody cares about the woman, who through no fault of her own, has become a single mum overnight, is struggling financially and going through emotional hell. The response you’ll get makes it quite clear that if you’re part of the prison community you’ve made your bed and you can f*ck off and lie in it. 

For a ‘minority group’ there’s a lot us, because the prejudice, discrimination and hate speech towards family members doesn’t end at the end of the sentence.

I’m rubbish at maths, so I’ve taken an educated guess and rounded everything down to the nearest big number. But I want to give you an idea of how many of us are part of the prison community, based on 2020 annual figures.

  • Number of people in prison – 80,000
  • Number of family members – 310,000
  • Total number of people390,000

Quite a lot of people, but not enough to qualify as a minority group. But when we add the people who’ve been released from prison in the last thirty years and their family members, it looks like there are enough of us to qualify for ‘protected characteristics.’

  • Number of people released from prison – 50,000
  • Number of family members 200,000
  • Total number x 30 years 7,500,000

Even allowing for annual fluctuations and even if we cut the number down by half, that’s a shedload of people. Still think we’re a minority group?

But just look at how we compare to the other minority groups in the UK.

  • LGBT 1.2 million
  • Gay 3.6 million
  • BAME 8.1 million
  • Prison 7.5 million

But we still fail to meet the criteria for ‘protected characteristics’

That’s how good we are at equality until you break the law and you’re out and you can take your family members with you. It’s a daily occurrence to read at least one of these in the main stream media and social media.

But this is the view of the majority of our public who are free to say or write exactly what they want. When it comes to the prison community they don’t have to think about being convicted for a hate crime, they have no fear of being arrested. But it IS a hate crime. Still not convinced? Ok, fill in the blanks with one of these words.

If you read any of the statements out loud, wrote them down or posted on social media you would be guilty of hate speech and convicted of a hate crime. Let’s reverse it now and use the original five phrases with the word prisoners to play a game of Hate Crime.

A brief summary found on

Crimes committed against someone because of their disability, transgender-identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation are hate crimes and should be reported to the police. Hate crimes can include:

  • threatening behaviour
  • assault
  • robbery
  • damage to property
  • inciting others to commit hate crimes
  • harassment
  • online abuse

There are three different types of offences classified as a hate crime and I can say with absolute certaincy that all three are a daily occurrence for members of our Prison Community. Maybe not all of us every day, but I’m sure we’ve all been the victim at some point.

Incitement to hatred includes words, pictures, videos, music, and includes information posted on websites.

Hate content covers web pages that show pictures, videos or descriptions of violence against anyone due to their perceived differences and chat forums where people ask other people to commit hate crimes against a specific person or group.

Hate Speech covers verbal abuse, threats or name-calling can be a common and extremely unpleasant experience for minority groups.

Here’s some advice from our boys in blue.

If you’ve been the victim of verbal abuse, talk to the police or one of our partner organisations about what has happened. You’ll find a list of them on our How to report hate crime page.

I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, Al. I’m going to do exactly what the Metropolitan Police advise us to do.

Call me Karen, but If I see it, hear it or read it, I’ll report every last incident of hate crime to everybody they say I should. Will be interesting to see whether action is taken against people guilty of a hate crime. I’ll let you know when I find out, it won’t take long to find an incident on Bitter Twitter. In fact we should all do it every single time and keep on doing it until our prison community is protected from hate. If you don’t want to report it, let me know about it. Keef’s on one!

Maybe if we don’t get the legal protection we have the right to receive, it might be worth reminding our Minister for Women and Equalities.

Contact the Rt. Hon. Elizabeth Truss here

Does anyone have a cunning plan to get the 7.5 million members of our prison community to sign a petition? How do we bring our prison community together as one voice?

Is it just me who can’t help singing ‘one voice’ now?

I really must get back to writing my book but if anyone’s got time to start a social movement count me in. I don’t do banners and protests tho!

#Nohate #prisoncommunity #equalityforall #FuminBabes

Best wishes

Keef x

Mrs Angry from Sevenoaks.

Just going to leave this here …..


One thought on “Prison Community Excluded.

  1. The hundreds of thousands of people impacted and knocked down by having a partner or family member in prison need to support each other and one of the blessings of social media is that it can link people together to counter one of the curses of the internet which is to attract the arseholes who think themselves superior and saintly for being perfect humans who have never done anything wrong. Great read Kelly.


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