I’m in this!

One of the wonderful things about having a perspective of #WhatCanBe is that you just do not know what can be. *PR WARNING* Outrageously blatant plug will follow.

Okay, I am just on the acknowledgements page of ‘Images of America Los Angeles Underworld’ but it is so much more than that from my perspective. Before I explain here’s a link to J Michael and Avi’s book,


I’d like to believe I’m not alone in my thoughts that regardless of the genre, company or industry within which we operate there are those we look up to and respect. Those who not just inspire you but also don’t ignore you and help you rather than hinder you. Dr. J Michael Niotta (and Avi Bash) is one such person. I would be as bold as saying that J Michael is someone America considers as typical of the moniker ‘All American hero’

J. Michael is an Iraqi Freedom veteran who has served stateside and overseas on a number of deployments and assignments. He is also the former Editor in Chief and Columnist of two custom culture publications. While managing Rabid and 86 Magazine, he penned the edgy columns “True Tales of Bar Madness” and “If I’m Still Alive…Why Am I In Hell?” More recently he has delivered true crime installments on early L.A. for the National Crime Syndicate website.

Niotta first gained notoriety as a musician performing under the stage name “Highway J.” He toured Europe and the Southwest United States on upright bass with SoCal “neo” Rockabilly act, Hard Fall Hearts, and was also a member of several other garage and punk acts as well. Niotta was among the first cohort of The Rosie Network’s Service 2 CEO entrepreneur program and is a longtime member of the Conquistadors Car Club of San Diego. He is also a devoted husband and father.

Presently Niotta is sitting on a number of writing projects, including a Jack Dragna biography, a nonfiction noir, an early history of organized crime in SoCal co-authored with longtime mafia researcher Richard N. Warner, plus a handful of literary fiction novels. Lazy, he is not.

Taken from: https://www.jmichaelniotta.com/

I’ve got to share the following presentation J Michael gave at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, if only because 22 September is my birthday.

Although, J Michael and the rest of our colleagues at https://www.nationalcrimesyndicate.com/ look back, I’ll leave you with this thought: Discovering ‘what is‘ may not be the same as designing ‘what can be‘.


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  1. That is fantastic David. Just one question. My week has seven days in it and part of each one I get some sleep. Your week clearly from the amount you get done and contribute has around 10 days which must be sleep free as you pack so much in. How did you arrange that?
    Meanwhile, congratulations and carry on!

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