Take your time!

I can somewhat relate my last ever release from prison in 2017 to that of someone who has just passed their driving test and who is now the proud owner of a full driving licence. Alas, mine was a prison licence but, what the hey!

I should point out I am referring to a sensible driver, someone who places an actual value on this opportunity of being independent. Relatively free to do and go where you wish.

A new driver will begin tentatively when climbing behind the wheel, I would suggest the time to be relaxed and comfortable behind the wheel is variable and each does so in their own time. Hands at ten to two on the steering wheel, knuckles slightly white as you’re gripping onto the wheel. Windows closed, radio off, or on low. Too focused to allow for any distractions, and there didn’t seem to be this many cars on the road when learning to drive. Every chance you get will see you checking the mirrors.

Making sure you don’t make any mistakes, or break any laws. So easy to lose your licence when you first get it. You also notice that there seem to be more police cars about.

Things become a little easier behind the wheel. The music on the radio goes up in volume as the windows open and lower. You’re now able to give mates a lift and chat with your passengers as you drive. Now driving with one hand on the steering wheel. Confident you’ve got this driving lark down to a T, but also remembering to check your mirrors now and then. No need to look out for the police, however, some dangers do still lurk behind.

You don’t want to focus too much on your mirrors. Especially the rear-view mirror. If you do, you may miss a hazard right in front of you, or become the hazard.

As you get used to this new freedom, and a whole another world opens up, you soon forget what it was like not driving and that is where the similarities end, I’ll never forget what I went through to get me to this point on my journey through life.

The inspiration for this blog actually came from a relevant source. A good friend of mine, John Nicholson, is someone with an incredible backstory. One that led onto John forming The Community Driving School C.I.C. I have taken the following from the about page on their website:

Being able to drive is one of the single most important skills a person can have and is quite literally life changing. It offers freedom to travel anywhere at any time and opens doors to employment, which were previously out of reach. For example, jobs involving driving, mobility or simply being able to get to a remote location not easily accessed by public transport. In addition to travel and employment opportunities, a driving licence is a legal form of ID which can be used when applying for voting and other legal disclosures.

Formed in 2016 by director John Nicholson, the aim of the Community Driving School (CDS) is to allow those on a low wage, unemployed, young carers and students access to jobs previously beyond them and discourage people from driving illegally by accessing funds to assist pay for lessons and obtain a valid UK Driving Licence.


Please check out John’s website. Below is a video This video highlights what CDS do to make hugely life transforming changes for people.


2 thoughts on “Take your time!

  1. What a fun post David and what a terrific scheme to promote. Driving Lessons are indeed very expensive but a licence to drive can change lives. Good luck to the project. And your living skills certainly passed their test as you are making a great difference to others. No idea about your driving though!!!!

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