A kindred spirit

I’m not totally sure why I’m writing this blog, well, I kind of do. It isn’t to garner empathy or sympathy but mainly it is because if I don’t get it out I feel my head will explode. My heart also feels as if it will scar permanently from the news I received during the early hours of Saturday, June 26, 2021. A day I can’t ever see myself forgetting. A good friend and colleague from Revolving Doors Agency (RDA), Jahmaine ‘Jahmazing’ Davis, aka Just Jahmaine, had taken his own life. A man so full of life, it seemed, and a passion for change based on his own experiences of life.

I haven’t known Jahmaine for years, however; he had an immediate impact on my life. We clicked. We were singing from the same hymn sheet. It also wasn’t about us, it was about what we did that mattered. It was Jahmaine who around this time last year recommended Revolving Doors Agency and their lived experience team (LET) to me. Joining RDA and the LET have taken me places, like the top tables in the ivory towers of our criminal justice system, I only ever dreamed about since turning around my own life in prison, with a mission to influence reform upon my release.

Jahmaine and I worked together on several projects through RDA. Some are still ongoing, and there’s few who know about the influence Jahmaine has had when we’ve worked on co-developing and co-producing certain policies with the major players linked to our criminal justice system, such as, the newly reunified probation service, the MoJ and NHS England Health in Justice among several others.

“If anyone knows about knife crime, itโ€™s Jahmaine Davis. Having come from a background a lot of people would find difficult to even comprehend, this man has come a very long way. His story is an inspirational one, so letโ€™s find out more about him now…”


Suicide is not uncommon throughout my life, some hurt more than others. Working as a listener in prison, I had got to where, if I expected it; it didn’t shock or hurt as much when it happened. You cannot be in those roles and not become invested emotionally.

Jahmaine’s came out of the blue. It has hit me like a freight train. I am trying to make sense of something that makes little sense and where the only person I can ask, I can’t. However, it isn’t for me to make sense of something so private to someone.

My one comfort is that when I last spoke to Jahmaine, I listened intently to his plans and a letter he had drafted for all the big sports clothing companies. He did nothing in half measures.

I am honoured to have known Jahmaine.

A kindred spirit.

Rest in peace, brother.

Jahmaine Davis. 1979 – 2021.

5 thoughts on “A kindred spirit

  1. Such a tragedy David and must have been so hard for you to share but important that you did. We never know what is deep inside people and sadly even now when we are supposed to be more “aware” those who do speak about their inner doubts and feelings can get jumped on, and far too many popular columnists spend a lot of time mocking celebrities who come out and talk about their mental health. That is why people hid their personal demons but one day those demons will overpower you and another life which was giving so much and with more to give will be lost.

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  2. Jahmaine “Jahmazing” Davis, burned so bright and then his light disappeared prematurely.

    Much in life is inexplicable, and this appears to be inexplicable.

    No rhyme, no reason, no logic.

    Thoughts and prayers with you and your wife David, because pretty sure when either of you feels demolished, the other one feels it.

    Take time.

    Jahmaine “Jamazing” Davis made an impact, and will continue to do so.

    I wish you peace and healing, but it’ll take time.

    Thank you for your tribute to Jahmaine.

    Grief is tough. You know that. Shouldn’t happen, but it does.

    Suspect you are in shock.

    Take care, both of you.


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  3. He inspired me as much as it was my job to inspire him.. Its hit all agencies he helped and worked with hard.. Rest in peace King..
    You made a decent cuppa lad.. ๐Ÿ’”

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