It’s all around us!

In the title of this blog, I am in fact, referring to education, or more the ability to learn. Even when doing nothing.

Yesterday, I had nothing to do, so I did nothing. I cooked a Sunday roast later in the day but I enjoy that so don’t see it as a chore. However, what I did do, is plonk myself in front of the telly to watch anything that didn’t take too much brain power to watch.

First up was a documentary on Netflix called Barca Dreams. A brilliant programme which taught me more about the political situation in Spain than any history book I’ve ever read. I will never watch an El Clasico in the same way again.

I then watched an extremely interesting film on Amazon called Death of a Gentlemen which was a look behind the scenes of a game I’ve always loved, cricket. By the end, I felt I was witnessing the birth of a new Mafia, let alone a board of control.

Up next were three programmes presented by James May, The Reassembler, again on Amazon. I watched James reassemble a 1950s lawnmower, a 1950s GPO bakelite telephone and an electric guitar. I am still trying to work out how on earth the three programmes kept me entertained? How did that work on TV?

Then I found a series where a couple had sold their home and all their possessions to begin life travelling the canals and rivers of the UK, in Britain by Narrowboat, as a last-ditch attempt to save Colin’s mental health. I was sad when series one finished and can’t wait for season 2.

It was then on to southern Italy and the Island of Sicily as wife and husband duo, Debbie & Dave, took us on a tour as they visited Perugia, Calabria before catching a ferry to Sicily.

By doing nothing, I had a wonderful day of learning new things about some things I thought I knew a lot about.

Education! It’s all around us and is the gift that keeps on giving.


4 thoughts on “It’s all around us!

  1. Absolutely right David, you can learn from everything if you selectively pick programmes to watch and take choices from outside the normal comfort zone we have.
    Apart of course from the football. And cricket, And tennis. And Grand Prix. If you like sport it is a great time. But your selection looks terrific.

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