I Wanna Tell You A Story

As much as I do try and promote a positive image of our criminal justice system; and just like there’s the negative aspect of the criminal justice system, one I focus on as well as the positives, my life is also not always positive. So be aware, as what I write could be a trigger for others.

At the beginning of March, this year, I was rushed to hospital as I had become extremely ill, some of my connections on LinkedIn may have seen the photo I posted the next day of me in hospital, one I deleted once the medication had worn off, but not before a numerous number of views and why I am hiding behind my blog. However, that isn’t the point of this blog.

I had never been as scared in my life as I was that night. I felt my life was ending faster than I had wanted. I’m pleased to say I am feeling 100% better, but only physically. Mentally, I have been battling against my thoughts and feelings daily. Something I previously gave no thought to is now wanting to take over my mind. Dying!

Death happens to us all, I get that. Having to deal with death is something I’m, unfortunately, too aware of, and now, I am more aware of my own mortality than ever before in my life.

As I mentioned, it has become somewhat of a daily battle against mentally slipping back to the rocks at the bottom. Circumstance only knows what the situation would’ve been were I not who I am today.

Mental health, or should I say, my mental health, will live with me until the day I die. For now, I just wish I could convince my thoughts and feelings that day is a long way off.

Thankfully, these days, I have so much to be grateful for, and to live for. Although I may currently be in a daily battle, my #whatcanbe saves me from drowning.

Samaritans: Call 116 113 or email jo@samaritans.org

6 thoughts on “I Wanna Tell You A Story

  1. Blimey David, I had no idea. I do not even recall the photo or that you were ill. You have been, are, and will continue to be strong for yourself and are one of those who are also strong for others. Congratulations on sharing this.
    And finally, my favourite Snoopy cartoon amongst many had Charlie Brown and Snoopy sitting on a grass bank, and Charlie Brown says “One day we will all die Snoopy” to which that great philosopher Snoopy replied “But on all the other days we will not.” Have a hell of a lot of those other days to come David.

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  2. David,

    I just read this.

    I hope that you are staying well.

    Life is tough enough without a health crisis.

    My best to you and to your partner.

    Stay well.

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