All in the mind

I know there are some who think our prison system is akin to being sent to a Billy Butlin resort; in the year to the end of September 2018, there were a record 10,085 assaults by prisoners on prison staff, I'm not sure how many redcoats were assaulted by holidaymakers during the same period, but … Continue reading All in the mind

I’ve been here, B4.

A buzz word within the prison system, not just in ours but across the world, is resettlement. Like most words, it is has several definitions. In searching the Googles, the Oxford English Dictionary tells me that resettlement is 'the act or process of helping people go and live in a new country or area; the … Continue reading I’ve been here, B4.


A quick question to begin with is a person who kills another person, a murderer? However, by saying someone is a murderer you are also saying at their very core they are the type of person who murders people. Yet there are several reasons behind why someone has killed another, some could be purely accidental, preventable accidents … Continue reading Labelology

Lock, stock and listen

Since being released from prison in 2017, I have met and/or spoken to some amazing people who are doing incredible things regarding our criminal justice system, especially our prisons. None more so than British actor and all around top guy, Jason Flemyng. I couldn't believe my eyes when a few months back Jason commented on … Continue reading Lock, stock and listen

A look back through lockdown

Around this time last year, I wrote a blog reflecting on my highlights of 2019. Reflection – What can be! So, here we are again with a reflection blog but with a difference. Hopefully, visitors to my blog are provided with a good sign regarding the work I do in campaigning for reform to our education … Continue reading A look back through lockdown

All Children Evolve

How those children evolve following an ACE or ACEs primarily comes down to two things: 1. Us adults and 2. How early the intervention. The child also should play their part and rightly so, but we cannot wait for them to tell us, we have to ask them. When a two-year-old toddler plays up on … Continue reading All Children Evolve

The history of ‘Porridge’

When I am asked what television documentary portrays our prison system with the most accuracy, my answer always takes them by surprise. With no shadow of a doubt, the best documentary, which is not even a documentary, is the 1970s sit-com, Porridge. I’ve yet to see its accurate portrayal of prison surpassed. Don’t just take … Continue reading The history of ‘Porridge’

Letting go.

I have had several wonderful moments over the last 3 years since being released from my last prison sentence. Several incredible personal achievements have also taken place. However, over the last few days so much has gone on that it is difficult to know where to start. A bit of background would more than likely … Continue reading Letting go.

Reducing re-offending? – don’t make me laugh!

Re-offending costs a shitload of money. Billions of pounds. Not 3 or 4, but double figures. Over £18 billion. EIGHTEEN BILLION £££££££S. Or 180 Lionel Messi's. In 2002, the Social Exclusion Unit produced a report into reducing the re-offending rates of ex-prisoners with the catchy title 'Reducing re-offending by ex-prisoners', Report by the Social Exclusion … Continue reading Reducing re-offending? – don’t make me laugh!