I know there will be some who disagree with me as well as those who will agree and those who will understand along with those who don't. Getting out of prison can be just as a traumatic experience as being sent to prison in the first place can be. Especially when you have no proper … Continue reading “GET OUT AND STAY OUT!!”

Filters lie, figures don’t!

I love the Bromley Briefings Prison Factfile published by the Prison Reform Trust. I can't say the same regarding some of the statistics contained within its pages. In fact, too many make for upsetting reading. However, one thing that frustrates me with our criminal justice system, and the Ministry of Justice, and has done for … Continue reading Filters lie, figures don’t!

Two heads are better than one

A theme that has been running through my mind for the past 15 years and one I put into action regularly is 'connect and collaborate'. Looking at things from my perspective, you would see that there is no way I would be sitting at my laptop right now writing this blog, or any of my … Continue reading Two heads are better than one

The Community Safety Podcast

It's finally here, the launch of The Community Safety Podcast created by someone who has become a wonderful and quite unique friend of mine, Jim Nixon. I connected with Jim last year on LinkedIn; we had a chat and found the more we were saying, the more we were singing from the same hymn sheet. … Continue reading The Community Safety Podcast

All in the mind

I know there are some who think our prison system is akin to being sent to a Billy Butlin resort; in the year to the end of September 2018, there were a record 10,085 assaults by prisoners on prison staff, I'm not sure how many redcoats were assaulted by holidaymakers during the same period, but … Continue reading All in the mind

I’ve been here, B4.

A buzz word within the prison system, not just in ours but across the world, is resettlement. Like most words, it is has several definitions. In searching the Googles, the Oxford English Dictionary tells me that resettlement is 'the act or process of helping people go and live in a new country or area; the … Continue reading I’ve been here, B4.


A quick question to begin with is a person who kills another person, a murderer? However, by saying someone is a murderer you are also saying at their very core they are the type of person who murders people. Yet there are several reasons behind why someone has killed another, some could be purely accidental, preventable accidents … Continue reading Labelology