Reducing re-offending? – don’t make me laugh!

Re-offending costs a shitload of money. Billions of pounds. Not 3 or 4, but double figures. Over £18 billion. EIGHTEEN BILLION £££££££S. Or 180 Lionel Messi's. In 2002, the Social Exclusion Unit produced a report into reducing the re-offending rates of ex-prisoners with the catchy title 'Reducing re-offending by ex-prisoners', Report by the Social Exclusion … Continue reading Reducing re-offending? – don’t make me laugh!

Them and Us!

First impressions count, and yet we have a fixation on stereotyping. Do we really give first impressions a chance? Or have we already formed our impressions based on stereotypes? As novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie so articulately stated in her TED Talk recorded in July 2009 “The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, … Continue reading Them and Us!

Why my message is clear! – #WhatCanBe

My hobby, and other passion, as an organised crime historian, began whilst I was still a child, many years ago. It was a passion that became a dream which became a goal. Because of the power and beauty of the education I received as a resident in many of our majesty's detention centres, youth custody … Continue reading Why my message is clear! – #WhatCanBe

Castle Huntly revisited

In A reflection of Perth et al. I detailed the history of HMP Perth in Scotland. In this blog, I will look back at the history of HMP Castle Huntly, which among other uses over several centuries was a former probationary school for girls, a borstal for boys and a young offenders' institution. In 1452, during … Continue reading Castle Huntly revisited

Why did I choose to go on hunger strike?

*TRIGGER WARNING* - I discuss mental health and suicide in this blog. In a comment to a post, I replied with the following: "Knowing oneself is a powerful feeling. Doesn't mean life gets any easier but it allows you to appreciate it more. The negatives in life, I've found anyway, only have longevity if you … Continue reading Why did I choose to go on hunger strike?

Rehabilitation is an attitude

I wrote a post earlier today which can be seen below as it is one that indirectly brought the term rehabilitation to the forefront of my thoughts once again. '#labels. Our priorities change as our years progress and I'm sure there's no need for me to list examples. #parenthood Over the last three years I … Continue reading Rehabilitation is an attitude

The Library

I honestly cannot recall meeting a bad librarian in a prison library. Then again, or one in the community. I’ve met strict librarians, but then, it was a prison library and some form of control was needed. However, librarians, especially ones who work in prison are worth their weight in gold. Imagine if a doctor’s … Continue reading The Library


I recently read an article about prison and prisoners of which I don't want to say I was shocked or surprised by because that would be the wrong choice of wording to use. I suppose the best description, and I'm going back on myself slightly, would be that the article left me feeling pleasantly surprised. … Continue reading In-career-ceration

A reflection of Perth et al.

To celebrate becoming a director on the board of Starting Step I wanted to do, as such anyway, something a little different. I decided to do what I usually do and take a look back at one of the prisons with whom Starting Step will initially be working. It is slightly different as, although reflections … Continue reading A reflection of Perth et al.