Ted Sherman presents the Pen and Corrections Project

A situation happened yesterday that rendered me speechless. A rare event for this former prisoner with plenty to say, but Keef could tell it was down to pure delight even though I had tears in my eyes. By now, I am sure you are aware of what our Pen and Corrections project is, don't worry … Continue reading Ted Sherman presents the Pen and Corrections Project

Helping Our Prisoner’s Excel. Prison reframed.

The title of this blog is my perspective of hope. A quick search of the Googles and the Cambridge Dictionary informs me that their definition is: 'to want something to happen or to be true, and usually have a good reason to think that it might:' (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/) It is all too easy to take a … Continue reading Helping Our Prisoner’s Excel. Prison reframed.

Risky Needs

In my previous blog, Revolving Doors!, you met my mate 'Fictitious Vic' this time around I'd like to introduce you to another mate, Mr. Risky Needs, who some know as either 'Risky' or 'Needy'. Risky doesn't have many friends, especially those willing to fight his corner. If I didn't know any different, which many people … Continue reading Risky Needs

Revolving Doors!

An important aspect in the reduction of reoffending is to ensure we create fewer victims, or if cold hard cash is your thing and from a fresh perspective, reducing reoffending will also keep insurance premiums to a minimum. Less crime, fewer insurance payouts, minimal premiums. And if it is cold hard cash where your thoughts … Continue reading Revolving Doors!


I know there will be some who disagree with me as well as those who will agree and those who will understand along with those who don't. Getting out of prison can be just as a traumatic experience as being sent to prison in the first place can be. Especially when you have no proper … Continue reading “GET OUT AND STAY OUT!!”