In or Out?

The image, 'Create Escape', is, of course, the artwork created by Banksy which appeared on a wall at the former prison where Oscar Wilde served his time, HMP Reading. I am sure Banksy's artwork depicts someone escaping from prison. However, I also see it from another perspective. I see the escape as escaping society and … Continue reading In or Out?

Reflections and an apology.

During my times as a listener in prison, I'd like to think I approached the role in the right way with empathy at the core of my listens. I have mentioned before how on occasions I was asked if I believed everything I was told by those I was listening to, and my answer to … Continue reading Reflections and an apology.


Who knew that volunteering to be a mentor for Shannon Trust back in 2005 would be right up there with some of the best decisions Iโ€™ve ever made, and considering the list only counts three, it was indeed a rare occasion. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but not as wonderful as accidental foresight. In 2005, … Continue reading Volunteering/mentoring

A kindred spirit

I'm not totally sure why I'm writing this blog, well, I kind of do. It isn't to garner empathy or sympathy but mainly it is because if I don't get it out I feel my head will explode. My heart also feels as if it will scar permanently from the news I received during the … Continue reading A kindred spirit

Day one or one day?

During the early hours of Thursday, 30th July 2015, my day one began. The beginning of the end was not the most conventional thing I've ever done, nor is it something I wish to make light of. We cannot justify or excuse crime but we can provide reasons for crime. However, your understanding of the … Continue reading Day one or one day?

Lessons to learn

I know I'm stating the bleeding obvious by saying life since March 2020 has been indifferent to the life we had become so accustomed to. We all had to adapt to an alternative way of living. Most of it during a lockdown and with, sometimes strict, restrictions on the freedom snatched away from us overnight. … Continue reading Lessons to learn

I need to get over it.

I was recently invited to a Zoom debate on HMP Shrewsbury opening up as a tourist attraction and I'm dying to have my say. I politely declined at the same time, kicking myself for missing an opportunity. I'm a Keyboard Warrior with a fear of โ€˜peoplingโ€™, or to use the correct term I've got chronic agoraphobia and … Continue reading I need to get over it.

Full cover reveal

Talking about #WhatCanBe is one thing, however, it comes down to action as well as words. Coincidentally, these days, my words, spoken or written, are also my actions both in my professional life and in my hobby, researching and writing about organised crime. Readers will be fascinated by accounts of well-mannered criminals penned by writers … Continue reading Full cover reveal