1. In-Cell Cuisine 1960’s – 1980’s

It was a Marvellous time. As you know, the blogs I write are based on David’s experiences between 1985 and 2017. On this occasion I’ve had to call in the experts who were in prison prior to 1985.  There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard anecdotes of people in prison ‘cooking in a kettle’ and the … Continue reading 1. In-Cell Cuisine 1960’s – 1980’s

The history of ‘Porridge’

When I am asked what television documentary portrays our prison system with the most accuracy, my answer always takes them by surprise. With no shadow of a doubt, the best documentary, which is not even a documentary, is the 1970s sit-com, Porridge. I’ve yet to see its accurate portrayal of prison surpassed. Don’t just take … Continue reading The history of ‘Porridge’

Breakspear Breaks Into Europe

For the past three years, David has taken every opportunity to speak publicly about the importance of education in prison. Podcasts, radio shows, AGM's, conferences, schools, pupil referral units, universities and every conceivable platform all over the UK. Not only within the criminal justice system, but to the wider audience of the general public and … Continue reading Breakspear Breaks Into Europe

How to love a prisoner. Part 3

Self-care for #LoopyWarriors. My previous blog was all about supporting your man through lockdown. The attention was solely focused on his wants and needs. Is that sexist? Does it fly in the face of equality? Not at all, it's expressing love, care and compassion for the man you love while he is forced to endure … Continue reading How to love a prisoner. Part 3

Me? Work unpaid?

Over recent months, there have been many discussions around payment of services provided by ‘people with lived experience of being in prison.’ Perhaps, a more accurate title would be Prison Consultant.  I would like to make a comparison to my own ‘lived experience of being a Health and Safety Consultant.’ Ironically, my job is to keep Directors out of … Continue reading Me? Work unpaid?

Reducing re-offending? – don’t make me laugh!

Re-offending costs a shitload of money. Billions of pounds. Not 3 or 4, but double figures. Over £18 billion. EIGHTEEN BILLION £££££££S. Or 180 Lionel Messi's. In 2002, the Social Exclusion Unit produced a report into reducing the re-offending rates of ex-prisoners with the catchy title 'Reducing re-offending by ex-prisoners', Report by the Social Exclusion … Continue reading Reducing re-offending? – don’t make me laugh!

Now that’s what I call a reformed man

Since joining his ‘journey of a reformed man’, David has given me countless reasons to be proud of him.  Yesterday he made me proud, because he did absolutely nothing. He just walked away and came home. I won’t sugar coat it. David was a nasty, violent career criminal. In and out of prison for four … Continue reading Now that’s what I call a reformed man