Inside – forlorn

Lost and alone in a world  that makes no sense. Living on existence without  meaning or purpose. What! Is the hierarchy of these ends? And whence come, how can be reconciled, their partial antagonisms?   Loud voices in my head, that spoke words I did not use. Hidden from view, their vulnerable traits of morality. … Continue reading Inside – forlorn

Inside fantasy!

I wrote this poem in January 2017, in the education block at HMP Norwich, during a creative writing course I was enrolled on. The course was facilitated by Dr. Jacob Huntley from the English Lit. department of the University of East Anglia. Jake would bring in 4/5 students different students with him each time. I'm … Continue reading Inside fantasy!

American Indian Wars

I have decided to share some of my poetry work that I created whilst in prison, well, I will if this one goes down well. ; ) I have also included a link to the audio version I created on SoundCloud. Hope you like it. American-Indian Wars By David Breakspear   Audio on SoundCloud   … Continue reading American Indian Wars

‘Bird’: What does it mean to do time?

Featured image courtesy of Victor Baumann. To see more of Victor's works, you can follow him on:   @victor.baumann WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! Wednesday the 6th March 2019. The venue: We Work in Hoxton, London. The event: hosted by Bird Podcast. The evening, along with raising funds for the amazing Clean Sheet UK (Click on link … Continue reading ‘Bird’: What does it mean to do time?

Journey of a reformed man.

Demons. Memories. Nightmares and dreams. Life's luggage to carry? Or at least it seemed. The path left untrodden. Yet to be found, So where was I heading? Where was I bound? ~ ~ ~ A life of crime? Not someone's first choice. I should've listened to others, NOT! My inner voice. Five decades, no more. … Continue reading Journey of a reformed man.


My peers, in prison, have been the subject of many a negative story, as reported in the main stream media, especially recently, and, in some issues, quite rightly so. Government ministers, the chair of the National Prison Officers Association, as well as former and current governors, along with former and current prison staff, have jumped … Continue reading Balance!!

Facts, fears and fables…part 4

Reoffending rates are 21 percentage points higher for people who said they had not received family visits whilst in prison compared to those who had. Prisoners' experience of prison and outcomes on release. (MoJ, 2014) Having only ever gone back, as a visitor, for the first time, a week shy of my first full 12 … Continue reading Facts, fears and fables…part 4

Facts, fears and fables…part 3

Research has highlighted the often strained relationships that exist between prisoners and their family before, during and after their sentence (Hairston 1991; Visher and Travis 2003; Niven and Stewart 2005; Travis 2005). At the same time, for some prisoners, familial attachments during a prison sentence can be crucial for managing the pressures of prison life, … Continue reading Facts, fears and fables…part 3

Facts, fears and fables…part 2

Where can you learn how to be a prisoner? The only logical answer is, of course, prison! In the year to June 2018, around 61,500 people, were sent to prison to serve a sentence in England and Wales. I wonder how many of them knew what was expected of them, or knew what opportunities were … Continue reading Facts, fears and fables…part 2

Lend an ear?

Self-inflicted deaths are over five times more likely in prison than in the general population. Ministry of Justice (2018) Another statistic I would like you to take on board is that out of the 325 deaths in prison, in the year up to September 2018, 87 were self-inflicted, over a quarter. However, let's look at … Continue reading Lend an ear?