#2019TYOR – The Year Of Reform.

Personally, I feel that there are far too many agencies doing the same sort of work, and, from the same pot of money. Suggestions of merging or a tangible national council of agencies have stayed merely that. So, instead, why not get behind one national message, and make 2019 The Year of Reform #2019TYOR. I … Continue reading #2019TYOR – The Year Of Reform.

Part 2 of Chapter four ish!!

So after being released from Runwell I went back to Canvey, things weren't the same though, I was out of work, still not feeling great, in a relationship I didn't care about and started drinking again. It all come to head on Christmas day that year, her family were there, Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother in … Continue reading Part 2 of Chapter four ish!!

WTF!!!! Chapter two

The year it started, but I can never remember how, not that these days I try to remember too much of this period of my life. In a way, outside of therapy, I have not gone into so much detail as I will now. It was just after my eighth birthday, I had a liking … Continue reading WTF!!!! Chapter two

It starts here!!! Chapter 1

It was suggested to me yesterday, by a close friend, that my blog contained a lot of negative stuff, to which I had to agree. I started thinking about something positive that I could write about, there was quite a few I came up with, however, they all needed further explanation. I then read 'The … Continue reading It starts here!!! Chapter 1


All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts. (Shakespere) Yet which part is me? I write this blog from the darkest of places and also ironically, as once again I am providing an insight into … Continue reading LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L85990 SIR!!!!

    No doubt some of you will understand the title of this blog, however, I will explain in case others do not. L85990 was my first prison number, given to me at the start of my first sentence in August 1985, 4 months, doesn't sound much now but that was the maximum you could … Continue reading L85990 SIR!!!!

Yet to be written!! (thanks Grace)

  Onwards and upwards though, I am giving myself this weekend to wallow in whatever self pitying bullshit I can possibly muster, then tomorrow the battle shall commence once again. Above is the last paragraph I wrote in my previous blog Silent fight, The day battle commenced was Monday 20th, two days ago. It is … Continue reading Yet to be written!! (thanks Grace)