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Education makes the impossible possible.


My 40-year relationship with the Criminal Justice System. One that still continues, but as a new relationship – a relationship where I now use my experience to influence change; change for the good.

The system cannot reform.

Prison cannot reform.

Only the individual can reform.

We’re Listening

With rates of suicide and self-harm increasing across Prisons, in this video I explain to Gary how the Listeners programme is used throughout UK Prisons and the critical role Listeners play in providing support.

Cops & Robbers

Talking about life after Prison with my good friend, Gary Jenkins. former Intelligence Unit detective with the Kansas City Police Department. Although we have both spent most of our lives on opposite sides of the law, we have a lot in common, as we discuss here …

What does that mean in English??

Talking with so many friends & associates in the USA, I often find myself having to explain an unfamiliar phrase or word.

In this video, I explain the meaning of some of the most common lingo used in the British Underworld.

Women of Organised Crime

A subject not often discussed and less widely known to the general public. With our shared knowledge, experience and connections to the Mafia; Gary and I have a lot to say on the subject …

Testing … Testing …

My first Skype recording with Gary Jenkins, where we discuss how to attract more female fans of Mafia true crime stories. As Gary says “This is a test of filming, editing and posting to You Tube.”

It’s also a great discussion and worth sharing with you.