Public Speaking

Just one of the platforms David uses to share his lived experience of the Criminal Justice System to influence, inform and inspire others.

TedX open university

David was delighted to be selected to talk at the TEDx Open University in Milton Keynes.

Another opportunity to influence, inform and inspire, but this time to the general public and a wider audience. Asking members of society “If it takes a village to raise a child – where are they when that child is incarcerated?


Freelance writer, blogger and an active campaigner for prison, criminal justice and social reform. An organised crime historian and currently working on a debut novel. Having been a part of the criminal justice system for four decades, he now writes about his experiences for various publications, including online journals The Norwich Radical and National Crime Syndicate.

Bird podcast

David was invited to speak at the inaugural Bird Podcast event. His presentation moved the audience to tears as he asked the question “Can a leopard change his spots?”

Joined on stage by Unchained Poetry with her thought provoking poetry and Dr Sarah Lewis who inspired the audience with her project on prisons in Norway.

House of commons

David was invited by Angela Cairn, former Chief Executive of the Shannon Trust, to join her at the lectern in the House of Commons during Evidence Week 2019, bringing together MPs, Peers, parliamentary services and people from different walks of life across the UK to talk about why evidence matters.

HMP Pentonville

Probably one of the most rewarding events for David, Celebrating Success at HMP Pentonville, speaking directly to Prisoners about their success in education.

Magistrates AGM

David was invited to speak at the Annual General Meeting of the Buckinghamshire Magistrates Association. Who better to influence than those with responsibility for awarding custodial sentences.

Much to the amusement of the Magistrates, David began his speech with “I wasn’t sure whether to write a speech or prepare a defence statement”.

future projects

When Future Projects asked David to share his journey and success at their Annual General Meeting, he seized the opportunity to give back.

David attributes much of his success to the support he received on his release from prison to Future Projects.

Shannon trust

Another amazing opportunity to give back. David was invited to speak at all three of their More Than Words Annual Conferences. Sharing his own experience as a Shannon Trust Mentor, the prisoners he had been able to help and a few tears were shed when David read one of the poems he had written in prison.


One to one… They meet, maybe across a table.
A soul-less room, wet with tears, thick with pain.


Please… Just listen, before you fail me.
For a poem is not just sound it is silence as well.
We fail to listen to understand whilst providing rapid response.
The empathetic listening ear changes ways of thinking.
We listen… We learn… of others, hopes, failures, fears and dreams.
Unselfish connections in this absorbed and troubled world.
Unconditional listening, an art form… not achieved by all.
Creating a deeper bond of empathy, the trade begins.
Come quietly into my world and allow me to be me.
Failure comes when ears are closed.