The process begins.   The laws of this upside-down kingdom reveal the arena. Predator?   Prey?   Violence rules!   Okay?

Welcome to

On March 31st this year (sounds better than a few days ago) I made my debut as a writer/contributor to an excellent website, owned and managed by someone that has become a close friend, Jim. Jim, is bringing together, in one place, definitive information from the city of London which has some incredible crime history. … Continue reading Welcome to

3 Little birds!

‘Bird’ just went plural with Kendra Houseman and Dave Breakspear. Dave appeared on our very first episode of Bird ‘Mental Health Behind Bars | Can Lessons be learnt?’ and Kendra came into our lives at episode 3 ‘UK Street Gangs | A Look Inside’. The links to both these podcasts are available at the end … Continue reading 3 Little birds!

Facts, fears and fables…part 5

Michael Spurr, announced last year that there will be no more public bidding on contracts to build new prisons. Therefore, with an extensive building programme planned, any new prison will be maintained and managed by the private sector. As well as any existing public prison, that may be put out to tender. It has always … Continue reading Facts, fears and fables…part 5


One to one... They meet, maybe across a table. A soulless room, wet with tears, thick with pain. STOP!!! Please!.... Just listen, before you fail me. For a poem is not just sound it is silence as well. We fail to listen to understand whilst providing rapid response. The empathetic listening ear, changes ways of … Continue reading Listen!


  "Take him down!", ringing in your ears, The cell door SLAMS!!!!       The morning chorus..... awaits..... the new arrival. "Got Rizla?" - "Got burn?" "What you in for?" - "Where you    from?". What's that in the atmosphere? It smells like despair. Tick us some hope!   A journey awaits both the … Continue reading Decisions?

By prisoners for prisoners.

I thought I would share some stories relating to the some of the roles I had in prison, whilst as a serving prisoner. I want to highlight the extraordinary work which some of the organisations attached to our prisons carry out, mostly with voluntary staff and a limited budget. Most of these organisations rely on … Continue reading By prisoners for prisoners.

Inside – forlorn

Lost and alone in a world  that makes no sense. Living on existence without  meaning or purpose. What! Is the hierarchy of these ends? And whence come, how can be reconciled, their partial antagonisms?   Loud voices in my head, that spoke words I did not use. Hidden from view, their vulnerable traits of morality. … Continue reading Inside – forlorn

Inside fantasy!

I wrote this poem in January 2017, in the education block at HMP Norwich, during a creative writing course I was enrolled on. The course was facilitated by Dr. Jacob Huntley from the English Lit. department of the University of East Anglia. Jake would bring in 4/5 students different students with him each time. I'm … Continue reading Inside fantasy!